Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ah, to be a 15-year-old nerd again...

I'm reliving my childhood this weekend at my mom and step-dad’s house in Medford, Oregon. Since my husband took our son to Costa Rica for graduation, I decided I would head down there and pretend to be 15 again: going to breakfast on weekends with my parents, staying up late reading books, playing Solitaire and enjoying the hot Southern Oregon days. Only now I can drink. It is truly amazing how well those same activities from my childhood are conducive to drinking.

They don't have a pool anymore, but that doesn't really interfere with my nostalgic enjoyment at all. I still get to eat Cookie Connection cookies, stay up late reading, have dinner on the patio at the Club and help my parents with their never-ending yard chores and projects. (Sort of, mostly I'm just good at observing and asking questions while drinking wine.)

Another nostalgic activity is going to the theater, so last night my Mom took me to the Oregon Cabaret Theater in Ashland to see “The Marvelous Wonderettes”, a musical comedy featuring hit songs from the 50's and 60's. That’s her in the picture. It was cool eating dinner beforehand at our cozy table on the second floor overlooking the stage. I started with a Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc which paired nicely with my simple garden salad, but of course you can never go wrong with a decent Sauvignon Blanc for appetizers and starters. We enjoyed a local RoxyAnne Claret with our entrees. It struck me as having nice balance between fruit and structure and it fit the mood well. I had seared ahi tuna and Mom had stuffed chicken with marsala sauce. The claret held up well with the ahi, surprisingly. We gabbed about cooking mostly. I finally started exploring the “culinary arts” since I've been unemployed. I'm sure my mom finds it odd that after all this time as a neophyte cook, my favorite new thing to talk about is grilled vegetables. But since my new best friend from the TV, Giada, showed me how easy it is to make them, I've been inordinately enamored.

I think the most amusing part of the evening was when my mom told me in a nostalgic and somewhat confidential tone that the songs from the musical were the ones SHE remembered while growing up. I laughed while reminding her that my brother, sister and I knew ALL of those same songs from our childhood since my parents constantly sang to the radio in the car and played their 45s at home for us. And they still do. (Well, the radio part anyway.)

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