About Me

Name: Leslie Hogue Karr

I’m from Prosser, Washington USA, a quintessential, small, American town. Shortly after I was born, my father planted wine grapes on our farm and in the 1980’s started The Hogue Cellars winery. While I didn’t become a winemaker or marry one (either of which I believe my father secretly hoped I might do), I had the privilege of discovering wine in the heart of the Washington wine industry just when the region really started taking off. Coincidentally, I graduated from high school in Medford, Oregon (where I lived with my mom and step-dad) in the heart of the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon AVA.

Current Job: Client Services and Operations Professional

Dream Wine Job: Host of my own Food Network Wine TV show

Favorite Wine: Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere in the world!

Favorite Wine Big Shot: Jancis Robinson

Favorite Food to enjoy with Wine: It’s a toss-up: Steak or Salmon. (Wow, that’s sounds pretentious...hey, I’m proud to admit that Tunafish Casserole is VERY wine-friendly.)

Favorite wine quote: "In matters of taste there is no dispute." -officially a Latin proverb of unknown origin, but my dad likes to use it

Favorite wine link of the moment: